Best Start Network: Minutes

2016 Minutes

Best Start Network Jan 15 2016Acrobat file
Pathways to Learning Work Group
Communication Strategy
Member Updates
Best Start Network Feb 19 2016Acrobat file
Resettlement of Syrian Refugees in Hamilton
Ministry Announcement Released Today
2016-2020 EYCP Preliminary Findings

Best Start Network April 15, 2016 Acrobat file
Early Years Community Plan (EYCP) Update
Community Updates

Best Start Network May 27, 2016 Acrobat file
Child Welfare in Hamilton
Early Years Community Plan

Best Start Network June 17, 2016 Acrobat file
The Evolving Landscape: Childcare and Early Years Transformation in Ontario
Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres and Community Hubs
Special Needs Strategy
Early Years Pathway
Early Development Instrument (EDI) Update
Early Years Community Plan Next Steps

Best Start Network September 16, 2016 Acrobat file
Poverty Reduction Strategy
Financial Supports Catalogue
Pathway to Connect for the Early Years
Early Years Community Plan

Best Start Network October 21, 2016 Acrobat file
The Changing Landscape:  Early Years Announcements and Intitiative Updates
Early Development Instrument (EDI)
Basic Needs:  Income Tax Filing

2015 Minutes

  • Best Start Network Jan 16 2015Acrobat file
    The Voice of Young Parents
    Nurse Family Partnership
    Learning, Earning & Parenting (LEAP)
    St. Martin’s Manor
    Healthy Birth Weight Coalition
  • Best Start Network Feb 20 2015Acrobat file
    School Boards Presentations
    Early Development Instrument (EDI) / Kindergarten Parent Survey (KPS)
    Best Start 10th Anniversary Celebration
    Children’s Charter of Rights
  • Best Start Network Apr 17 2015Acrobat file
    Best Start Child and Family Centres
    Canada Learning Bond Initiative Update
    Provincial Special Needs Strategy Update
    Local Special Neds Resourcing Review Update
    Provincial Children’s Mental Health Strategy Update
    Other Business:  Response to Bill 10 Regulatory Posting
  • Best Start Network May 22 2015Acrobat file
    Defining BSCFCs Vision
    Provincial Community Hubs Advisory Group
    BSN Membership
  • Best Start Network June 19 2015Acrobat file
    Tammy Findlay – ECD Community Governance Research Feedback
    Basic Needs Committee Update
    Best Start Marketing and Branding
    Community Hubs
    Election of Chair/Vice-Chair of Best Start Network
    Celebrating our Successes
  • Best Start Network Sept 18 2015Acrobat file
    Membership Discussion
    EDI Updates
    Best Start Updates
  • Best Start Network Oct 16 2015Acrobat file
    Basic Needs Workplan
    Early Years Community Plan, 2015-2020
    Best Start Demo Funding Impact:  Continuing the Conversation
    Membership, Terms of Reference and Committee Structure
    Other Business
  • Best Start Network Nov 20 2015Acrobat file
    Basic Needs Workplan
    Terms of Reference and Membership Discussion
    Early Years Community Plan, 2016-2020
  • Best Start Network Dec 18 2015Acrobat file
    Hamilton’s Charter of Rights of Children and Youth
    Reflecting Back, Moving Forward


2014 Minutes

2013 Minutes

  • Best Start Network Jan 18 2013 Acrobat file
    Presentation on Early Years Community Plan
    Presentation on the Ministry of Education Child Care Funding
    Boards of Education presentation on Retrofit
  • Best Start Network Feb 22 2013 Acrobat file
    Highlights of Ontario’s Child Care Policy Framework
    Overview of the 2012-2015 Early Years Community Plan & Best Start Strategic Plan
  • Best Start Network Apr 19 2013 Acrobat file
    Feedback on “Planning for Success: Strengthening our Network Capacity”
    Update on Community Integration Leader Project
    Unicef Health Report
    Child Care Community Consultations

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