Other Initiatives

Early Literacy Hamilton

Early Literacy Hamilton (ELH) will advocate for and promote programs which: bring books and children together in a meaningful way; help children be ready to learn and be successful at school; improve literacy rates in the community; support families and caregivers, including those from diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, in their role of developing early literacy in their children. ELH will support and bring together community groups and agencies in diverse sectors to develop early literacy programs and initiatives. ELH will always aim to be a partner in coordinating children’s initiatives in the Hamilton community and work to identify and bridge gaps in early literacy services delivery.

Read To Your Baby

Read to Your Baby (RTYB) is a Hamilton based program that promotes the developmental benefits of literacy starting in infancy. The RTYB program was developed by Early Literacy Hamilton through collaboration with other community agencies. The Read To Your Baby project is working to prepare Hamilton’s youngest children to succeed in life, by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. The parents of 18-month old children receive a free book and a prescription to read daily. Also included in the book is an invitation to get a library card by visiting a local library. The program is research based and grounded in The Canadian Pediatric Society’s position statement regarding the promotion of literacy in family physician’s office.

Medical practices in need of more Read To Your Baby books, please contact Kim Burns at kburns@ascy.ca or phone (905) 574-6876 ext. 235.

Hamilton Interprofessional Education

Hamilton Interprofessional Education (HIPE) will facilitate interprofessional development education opportunities for early childhood educators, teachers and early years service providers.  The committee supports professional education that is evidence based/best practice, current and relevant to the day to day work of all sectors. HIPE will work to identify gaps in learning through collaborative planning and implementation.

Check It Out Drop-Ins

Every month in multiple locations across Hamilton, Check It Out Drop-Ins take place in Ontario Early Years Centres.  Parents can visit and have a conversation with a Speech and Language Pathologist, Public Health Nurse, Resource Teacher, a Mental Health Resource Worker, and Early Years Facilitator without an appointment and at no cost.  Parents can ask questions about their child’s health and development, find out about other resources available to them and become linked to other supports when needed.

To learn more about Check It Out Drop-Ins in your neighbourhood, visit the Check It Out page.

Service Provider Networks

Seven Service Provider Networks are aligned with the Ontario Early Years Centre communities. These networks are comprised of service providers from early learning and child care, education, health, mental health, municipal, social, and voluntary services. They support the development of ongoing relationships with families and each other while at the same time, learning more about: neighbourhoods and communities they serve, local services, current research in early child development, family-centered care, Best Start and the integration continuum.

Information about upcoming Service Provider Networks is available here.

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