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BestStartMagazine2012-12Do you have a question or concern about your child?

If you are concerned your child isn’t meeting the milestones for development don’t wait. Early identification is the first step in early intervention.

Use the Nippissing District Development Screen to monitor your child’s development, up to the age of six.

Community professionals are available at a variety of locations to meet with families and children from birth up to the age of six to offer consultation, teaching, and referral with respect to child’s health development.

The community resources listed below are great places to start.
Ontario Early Years Centres (OEYC)  – 905-524-4884

Parent & Family Literacy Centres (PFLC) – 905-524-4884

Check It Out Drop Ins – 905-546-3550 or 905-524-4884

Contact Hamilton – 905-570-8888

Community Information Hamilton – 905-528-0104

Public Health – 905-546-3550

Early Words – 905-381-2828


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