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Growing Together: A Community Education Guide for Parents, Youth and Children

Growing Together is a community education guide for parents, children and youth listing courses, groups, and workshops available in Hamilton. This guide is updated every season.

Workshops and courses related to self-regulation and stress include:

  • Helping Your Young Child Deal with Worries (3-10yrs)
  • Help Your Child & Teen Stress Less
  • kNOw Fear (7-9yrs)
  • Stress Less (13-16yrs)
  • Break Free (adult program)

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Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from research about young children

Self-regulation, the ability to deal with and recover from stress, lays a foundation for long-term physical, psychological, behavioral and educational well-being. Watch the following video clips and read the research brief to reflect on your practices and think about what you can do enhance children’s growing ability to self-regulate.

The website provides detailed information and videos.

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Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI)

For some time now it has been apparent that behavioral management techniques that rely heavily on punishment and reward are relatively ineffective in reducing children’s problematic behaviors, and in many cases can actually exacerbate the problem. Over the past decade it has also become increasingly clear that the cause of many of these behaviors lies in poor self-regulation.

The Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative has been established first and foremost to help parents and educators ‘reframe’ a child’s behavior: to understand the reasons why a child might be having trouble –

  • paying attention
  • ignoring distractors
  • inhibiting his impulses
  • modulating his emotions, and
  • overall, maintaining a state of being calmly focused and alert.

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